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KOCHI: For the four-piece alternative rock band Fish In The Sink, their origin story is nothing short of serendipity. “At the time, we were known as Toddy Waters, a group formed around Loyola College, Chennai. The founding members had some differences of opinion and we were looking for a new singer, ”recalls bassist Sai Sanjit. To discuss the band’s future, they went to a Malayali restaurant in Egmore, and it was there that they unexpectedly met Riju Andrews Jacob, the frontman and singer of Fish In The Sink.

After the arrival of drummer Paul Varghese, Fish In The Sink was ready to be born almost three years ago. “This is yet another coincidence story. Back in the days when we were single in Chennai, we had a clogged sink in our kitchen. Instead of unclogging it, our friend brought a fish and had it. let live in. We literally had a fish in the sink! ”jokes Riju Andrews over the phone.

For their latest Rue release, Riju Andrews wrote some powerful lyrics and delivered them in his unique voice surrounded by emotion. Guitar, bass, and drums come together to beautifully balance its premise, making the set one of the most technically accurate sounds to emerge from the South recently. “Much of the credit goes to our guitarist Sujith Valiyaveetil, who is also a founding member. He never tries to force a guitar solo, instead he puts it on the whole band and makes it better – whether it’s a live performance or a recording, ”says Sai.

Rue, originally made for a short film, was meant to be the background music for an erupting gang war, unleashing chaos. Even without that context, it’s pretty haunting. Riju Andrews, who is from a church choir, can strike a chord with your thinking with his voice. “The journey of the song from where it started until now is quite satisfying. There is a certain type of energy when you work with your favorite people and that has helped us shape our sound, ”says Paul.

The track was released by Avial lead guitarist Rex Vijayan. “Listening to Avial was a turning point in my life as an artist and singer. That’s when I realized what kind of music I wanted to make, ”says Riju Andrews. “It was refreshing to hear Rue. The song has a strange, vivid energy that can consume any space you are in – your house or your car, ”says Rex.

The group is currently preparing a concept album that revolves around colors. “He assimilates emotions to colors. Nothing in this world is black and white, and real life takes place between the shadows. We will explore this concept in detail, ”says Riju. The members of Fish In The Sink, now scattered across the country from Chennai to Delhi, love to come together to work on their compositions despite the pandemic.
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