Coldplay’s new Emoji song titles could cause streaming issues


Coldplay has announced a new album, Music of the spheres, today. Perhaps the most notable takeaway from the news is that some of the songs are only titled with emojis, which seems to cause problems with streaming services.

As stated on the Coldplay website, track 1 is titled with a Planet with rings emoji, track 4 is titled a Sparkles emoji, track 6 is titled a red heart emoji, track 9 is titled a globe showing emoji of the Americas, and track 11 is titled with an infinite emoji. However, this may not be how songs appear on streaming services, as the album’s current Apple Music page displays titles written with Unicode characters instead of emojis.

(To explain it simply, an emoji is a graphic that can replace a corresponding Unicode character. For example, smiley face emoji Correspond to Unicode character U + 1F600. In other words, the Smiling Face emoji is a representation of the Unicode character U + 1F600.)

The Apple Music titles for the aforementioned songs (both on the Apple Music website and in the Apple Music app for Mac), respectively, are “⦵”, “* ✧”, “♡”, “❍” and “ ∞ ”. Interestingly, while these are pretty accurate visual representations of emojis, none of them actually match the Unicode characters represented by the emojis used in song titles (as seen on the website of Coldplay). So technically speaking, Apple Music tracks look like real tracks but are actually fake.

In May, Chris Martin revealed the band was having issues with streaming services and emoji song titles, saying, “We’re trying to figure that out right now: we’re trying to have the very first album with songs on it. which are just called emojis, but this proves tricky because of all the service providers. Some of them say, “We can’t do this. You literally have ten million songs in one box. Let’s have a picture of an apple for a song or something.

Music of the spheres was released on 10/15 via Atlantic. Pre-order it here.

Coldplay is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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