Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez return to the red carpet in Venice


It’s one thing to make birthday videos on a yacht and not follow your ex-fiancé on Instagram anymore. It’s another to appear on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival for the movie premiere of Your (Old) New Handsome.

Yet this is exactly what Jennifer lopez done friday night, squeezing Ben affleckhand, while wearing it, as reported by the Associated press, huge Cartier diamonds and a white dress designed by Georges hobeika. Affleck was enhanced with a tuxedo from Dolce & Gabbana. (You can and should scroll through a dazzling gallery here.)

The extremely public resurgence of Affleck and Lopez’s warping speed has grown from low-key visits in late April following their respective breakups. Ana de Armas and Alex rodriguez, to sources saying they were ready to spend the “rest of their lives together,” then Ben checking out the rings at Tiffany and Co. (Here’s a timeline of it all, if you need a refresher.) nothing else, it makes for great gala premiere looks.

Earlier, the red carpet at this year’s Venice Film Festival was the venue for what might just be the best short film of the year, a still untitled work of art in which Oscar isaac kisses Jessica chastainthe arm of. Between that and the return of Bennifer 2.0, it’s clear which venue now holds the title on the world stage.

The last duel, which Affleck co-wrote with Nicole holofcener and his old boyfriend Matt damon, was directed by Ridley scott, and co-stars Affleck, Damon, Adam Pilot, and Jodie comer. It is based on a truthful account from 14th-century France, in which two friends fight to the death over a rape charge.

Reviews initially were mixed, with Indiewire calling it “a clever and really daring big-budget scrum”, but with The Guardian waving it like “Medieval #MeToo”. International Screen and Variety fell somewhere in between, with the latter calling the 152-minute film an “intriguing but overcooked medieval soap opera.”

The film will be released in US theaters on October 15.

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